Mandatory Noise Control

Attention Drivers: Please refer to page 9 under the miscellaneous section of the 2015 CNS Rules. Note that mufflers are mandatory equipment for 2015 and must control the noise level of your race car to 95DBA or less. This applies to everything from Pure Stocks to Super Late Models. Tech Officials will be monitoring decibel levels and will be available to assist you beginning at practice on Saturday, March 14th. Thank you for your attention to this matter as we…

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Pro Truck Amendment to the 2015 Rules

Pro Truck minimum weight to be no less then 2900#s, with a maximum left side weight of 58%.

Mod Coupe Rules Amendment for 2015

Due to the GM non-availability of the cylinder head specified for the spec engine the following will apply for the 2015 season: any non ported cast iron cylinder head with a combustion chamber 64 cc or larger and a valve size 2:02 or smaller will be allowed. Port matching will be allowed but may not extend more than 1 inch into port. Any non-ported intake manifold will be allowed. Any valve spring will be allowed. No titanium of any kind…

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CNS Helmet Standards

Pursuant to the 2015 CNS Track Rules, all Helmets approved for competition must meet SA-2010 Standards. Because the 2015 Snell Standards will not be released until October of this year, CNS Tech will accept for Certification those helmets which are in good condition and are Certified to the SA-2005 Standard. Final authority remains with CNS Tech for certification of all Helmets.

Mod Coupe Announcement

Attention CNS Mod Coupe Drivers and Teams: based on input received from Drivers, CNS announces the following modification to the CNS Mod Coupe Rules: For the 2015 Racing Season, the CNS Mod Coupe Wings Rule shall read as follows: #5 Sideboards: a. Maximum 8 sq. ft. per side will be changed to 10.2 sq. ft. per side This addition will be included in the final revision of the 2015 CNS Mod Coupe Rules. We are looking forward to a great…

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Car Numbers and Pit Stall Deadline

All Drivers returning to CNS for the 2015 Racing Season who wish to retain their Car Number(s) and Reserved Pit Stall(s) must do so by February 15th. Any Car Number or Pit Stall not registered by February 15th will be made available to other racers on February 16, 2015.

Rules Committee Meeting for All Divisions

We will be conducting a rules committee meeting early next week, therefore we would like to get all of your concerns so we can address them at the meeting. Please forward any questions, concerns, and feedback to

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