On-Track Incident Procedure

Effective August 15, 2014 – The following are amendments to the 2014 NASCAR Whelen All- American Series Rule Book. During an Event, if a race car is involved in an on track incident and/or is stopped on or near the racing surface and unable to continue to make forward progress, unless extenuating emergency conditions exist with the race car (i.e. fire, smoke in cockpit, etc.) the driver should take the following steps: Shut off electrical power and, if driver is…

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Don’t forget Test & Tune Friday August 1st

This is a reminder that this Friday August 1st is the first Friday of the month and therefore there WILL BE a Test & Tune practice session at CNS. Test & Tune is a great opportunity to dial in your race car as well as have some fun at the speedway. Test & Tune runs from 3PM until dark and there will be tires and fuel available for purchase.

CNS Fuel

It has been brought to our attention by CNS competitors that the track has been lacking on the enforcement of the fuel rule. The rule is that CNS competitors are required to run unaltered CNS fuel. We will be checking fuel in an effort to assure a level the playing field for all competitors. Thank you CNS competitors for you assistance and concerns.

Late Model tires for the August 2nd event

Due to the short format on the Saturday July 26th NAPA/Toyota 150 event there was a group decision to run the same tires for the upcoming August 2nd event. The tires from the top 10 finishing cars from the July 26th race were impounded and the remaining competitors tires were marked so that they will all run the same tires on August 2nd as they did on July 26th. No new tires will be allowed to run in the August 2nd race. Please contact…

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SLM #12 Bruce Yackey Fined

Super Late Model #12  Bruce Yackey was fined $250 for a retaliatory action in the pits that started as an on track altercation with a fellow competitor during the Saturday night July 19th 2014 event.

GAM Tire Rule Announcement

In the Grand American Modified Division the 2 tire rule remains in effect and will be enforced. We will have a new updated scanner in tech this weekend to enforce the rule.

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