Drivers and teams get ready for 2015

The 2015 season is quickly approaching. The 2015 season will be a very special season as we commemorate 50 years of racing at Colorado National Speedway.

To prepare for the upcoming season you should consider attending the 24th Annual Oval track Trade Show which will be held January 23rd and 24th. More info about this event can be found here. Also, if you have some racing stuff to sell or trade contact John Witthar at 303-359-6026 and he can help you get setup for the trade show.

You will also want to download the most recent rules files for the division(s) you plan to compete in here. And finally, you can download and fill out the vehicle registration forms here.

Throughout the season you will want to check the TECH NEWS section of the CNS website on a regular basis to get breaking information about rules and track procedures.


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